Postdoc Fellows, Visitors & Students

Samuel DuBois Cook Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Samuel DuBois Cook Postdoctoral Fellowship was established in honor of Dr. Cook, a political scientist, who was the first black tenured professor at Duke University and served as a member of the Duke University Board of Trustees from 1981-1993 and is now a Trustee Emeritus.


Past Fellows

Rosalind Chou
2011-12 Fellow
Assistant Professor, Georgia State University
Nisha Kapoor
2012-13 Fellow
Non-resident Fellow Lecturer,
York University, U.K.
Tehama Lopez
2010-11 Fellow
Assistant Professor, Ohio University
Gladys Mitchell-Walthour
2009-10 Fellow
Assistant Professor of Political Science, Denison University
Jason Casellas
2008-09 Fellow
Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin


REGSS occasionally hosts visitors who come to Duke to work with REGSS faculty and utilize the vast research resources found on campus and in the Research Triangle area.


Visiting Research Fellow, REGSS
Summer 2013
Faculty Residency Fellowship, REGSS
Claire Musiol
Project Manager, ANAP
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland

Duke University Post-Graduate Research Fellowship

The Bavarian American Academy i Munich and the Duke Club of Germany occasionally sponsor the Duke University Post-Graduate Research Fellowship, which supports a German post-graduate student for a stay up to a 2 month research stay at REGSS.


Pedro Martinez-Garcia
Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Bayreuth, Germany

Former Graduate Fellows

Jessica Johnson Carew
Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke University
Eugene Walton
Post Doc Fellow, Pennsylvania State University
Candis Watts Smith
Assistant Professor, Williams College
Sarah Mayorga-Gallo
Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati
Amanda Boston
Africana Studies Graduate Student, Brown University